How to decorate a bathroom

There comes a day when you wonder how to paint a bathroom?  Whether it’s because your bathroom has become outdated or because you want to give a new air to your bathroom. You may look for solutions that will inspire you when decorating your bathroom. In this article, we present a  quick and simple guide on how to decorate a bathroom.

Quick Guide On How to decorate a Bathroom

In the content, we will provide you a quick guide on decorating a bathroom. Let’s check that.


We want to renovate our bathroom, and most importantly we want to do it well. But as much as we are going to give dedicate time and effort in having a luxury bathroom, we have to be consistent with the general decoration of the house. That is, if we have a super cute apartment decorated following the vintage style, it would not be very coherent to furnish it with contemporary bathroom furniture. Every time you enter your bathroom, you would have the feeling of changing houses.

It seems logical, but there are many times that we get lost in the catalogs of decoration that come to our house.  And we end up making decisions that are not in line with our decorative style. That does not mean that you give up decorating your bathroom as you wish. On the contrary. you can combine techniques, looking for the perfect balance between both.

How to decorate a bathroom if we do not have space for a pin:how to decorate tiny bathroom

If you live in one of those small city apartments, you will probably have a tiny bathroom. The decoration of small bathrooms can be more complicated. You must choose those things that are essential and inalienable. Make a list: shower/tub, toilet, sink, bidet, a professional facial steamer etc. For example, if you never use the bidet, you can dispense with it in your new design, in the same way, that you can change the old bathtub for a shower, which is more comfortable.

Choose the color for your bathroom:

Another most crucial decision when decorating your bathroom is the choice of color. For small Bathroom, it is recommended that you choose neutral colors, such as white, gray or beige. If your bathroom is narrow and elongated, you can play with the intensity, adopting a darker tone for the back wall, something that will achieve the visual effect of extending the stay. If it is large, you have more room for maneuver, and among the colors for modern bathrooms possible, you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Distributing that is a gerund

Another thing that we will consider when we answer the question of how to decorate a bathroom is the distribution of all the elements of the toilet itself. That will help you to place all the details of your bathroom in the plane, choosing the best of all possible distributions.

Remember! If you have a narrow and elongated sink for face cleaning, the toilets are usually placed after the pan, so that it is not the first thing you see when you open the door.

Everything on your site: storage solutions that will save you

One of the most complicated things, when we think about how to decorate a bathroom, is the storage system. There are many possibilities when choosing the perfect storage system.

Wicker baskets, trolleys, plastic boxes, shelves, buckets on the wall, storage solutions behind the door or for the toilet … There are so many possibilities! You must study those corners that you have free and choose that optimal solution for you. If you have a small space between the sink and toilet, a good option is to place a mobile cart or a narrow and elongated bathroom cabinet. You can also choose to put an organizer behind the door to store small things like combs, makeup or creams.

Accessories and small things that will make your bathroom the best:

Once we have the basic design of our bathroom, we have to decorate it with beautiful things that we love and finish giving the desired style. A few sheets on the wall, a plant on the counter of the sink, a lantern on the floor and an original soap dispenser, all these details will make your bathroom have a unique and personal style.

Final Verdict:

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